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Recovery - $1,400,000

Case Description – MVA-front seat passenger; tractor trailer made turn directly into passenger door Description Injuries – Closed head injuries including multiple facial fractures requiring surgery, cervical and lumbar surgeries, with shoulder and leg injuries.

Recovery - $995,285

Case Description – Rear-end MVA-Driver of pickup truck towing bobcat, rear-ended by dumptruck Description Injuries – Neck shoulder and hand; Servical Spine surgery required

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – NJ MVA-Rear ended by driver of commercial vehicle who fell asleep at the wheel Description Injuries – Lumbar herniation requiring injections, left knee injury requiring surgery

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – MVA-travelling 45mph hit head-on and then rear-ended by another vehicle Description Injuries – Leg, knee, forearm, finger rib and ankle fracture – surgery required for all but ribs
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A Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Must Be Able to Prove Negligence in a Case

Truck accidents do share several things in common as accidents that involve two passenger cars. However, there are also notable differences that make a case involving a truck and a passenger vehicle a much more complicated matter that is best served by a seasoned Philadelphia truck accident lawyer.

Because commercial trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds or more, the possibility of being involved in a catastrophic accident increases significantly for drivers in passenger cars. In fact, there are several more complicated legal issues to unravel in a truck accident. But the one thing that a truck accident has in common with a regular vehicle accident case is that negligence must be proven before any compensation can take place.

How to Prove Negligence in a Truck Accident Case

A truck accident attorney who represents you will go up against a team of highly skilled attorneys who will attempt to cast down as to who was to blame in a truck accident. That’s why it is essential for your attorney to follow clearly defined parameters and leave no doubt as to who was negligent or reckless in their actions. Winning a case requires you to be fully prepared with sound arguments, substantial evidence, the testimony of several expert witnesses, a deep understanding of the law, and knowledge of every detail of the case.

Proving negligence is a multi-step process that shows the trucker had a responsibly to drive safely, that they breached that duty, and as a result, it caused injuries and losses to a plaintiff. This may not only apply to the driver, but to other responsible parties as well, such as the truck driver’s company who may also be held accountable.

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