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Recovery - $1,400,000

Case Description – MVA-front seat passenger; tractor trailer made turn directly into passenger door Description Injuries – Closed head injuries including multiple facial fractures requiring surgery, cervical and lumbar surgeries, with shoulder and leg injuries.

Recovery - $995,285

Case Description – Rear-end MVA-Driver of pickup truck towing bobcat, rear-ended by dumptruck Description Injuries – Neck shoulder and hand; Servical Spine surgery required

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – NJ MVA-Rear ended by driver of commercial vehicle who fell asleep at the wheel Description Injuries – Lumbar herniation requiring injections, left knee injury requiring surgery

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – MVA-travelling 45mph hit head-on and then rear-ended by another vehicle Description Injuries – Leg, knee, forearm, finger rib and ankle fracture – surgery required for all but ribs
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Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney

There is little doubt that being a construction worker is one of the most dangerous occupations in America. Despite stringent safety standards that are put in place, construction accidents happen all too often. Each year, thousands of workers suffer falls, electrocutions, crushing injuries and other serious harm and even death from a variety of construction site accidents in Philadelphia.

Determining liability when construction accidents happen

When a construction accident happens, many times it is due to the negligence of one or more parties who are a part of the construction project. As such, it is the primary goal of a construction accident attorney to determine who may be at fault before pursuing damages.
On larger construction jobs, this is not always an easy task. That’s because a large job will have many different people involved in the project. It may be possible for an attorney to seek damages against a general contractor, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, and in some cases, equipment manufacturers.

A scaffold accident lawyer must have experience and knowledge

In a large city like Philadelphia, one of the more common accidents involves scaffolding. A mainstay of almost every construction job of more than one story in the city, scaffolds often present their own unique safety issues. As a result, when an accident involving a scaffold takes place, the injured party must retain the services of a scaffold accident lawyer to make sure they are getting proper representation.

Seek Legal Representation for Construction Accidents in Philadelphia

The attorneys at Master Weinstein and Moyer have this experience and put it to optimal use in every scaffold accident case they work on. Their knowledge requires a deep understanding of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules and regulations, which is considered the definitive source on how to build, maintain and use scaffolds. When these standards are not followed, that is when scaffold accidents generally happen, many times resulting in serious injuries or worse.
As it is with all other types of construction accidents, affixing blame and proving negligence are the keys to winning a scaffold accident case. This can lead to a significant award and damage settlement that will help a victim recoup lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, a loss of quality of life and in some cases, an actual loss of life.
Master Weinstein and Moyer serves clients in Philadelphia and other nearby Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York communities.

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