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Recovery - $1,400,000

Case Description – MVA-front seat passenger; tractor trailer made turn directly into passenger door Description Injuries – Closed head injuries including multiple facial fractures requiring surgery, cervical and lumbar surgeries, with shoulder and leg injuries.

Recovery - $995,285

Case Description – Rear-end MVA-Driver of pickup truck towing bobcat, rear-ended by dumptruck Description Injuries – Neck shoulder and hand; Servical Spine surgery required

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – NJ MVA-Rear ended by driver of commercial vehicle who fell asleep at the wheel Description Injuries – Lumbar herniation requiring injections, left knee injury requiring surgery

Recovery - $750,000

Case Description – MVA-travelling 45mph hit head-on and then rear-ended by another vehicle Description Injuries – Leg, knee, forearm, finger rib and ankle fracture – surgery required for all but ribs
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Sooner or Later, You May Need the Services of a Philadelphia-based Auto Accident Lawyer

Like it or not, traffic accidents in Philadelphia are a part of life. You can drive as safe as you want, but what happens out on the roads also depends on how safe other drivers are. It may never happen, but when you least expect it, you too can become the victim of a car accident. Hopefully, it will be a minor fender bender if and when it takes place, but if you’re involved in something more serious, you will need to protect your rights by retaining an experienced auto accident lawyer.

In a Car Accident You May Feel Overwhelmed

Auto accidents are traumatic. The sound of crunching metal and breaking glass will unnerve most people. If you or your passengers are injured, even if it is something minor, you will be upset, scared, and may have trouble dealing with medical and law enforcement personnel. After an accident, you will also eventually have to deal with insurance companies, both your and the other driver’s law firm, and several other possible parties who will have their best interest in mind.

Negligent and Distracted Drivers Often Cause Auto Accidents in Philadelphia

To be able to obtain damages after an auto accident, your attorney must be able to prove that the other driver was negligent or reckless in their actions. All drivers have a duty to drive safely, and when they violate this minimum standard, it means your rights have been violated. There are specific steps that must be taken to prove negligence, and only a skilled and experienced attorney will be able to not only successfully prove each of these steps. They will also be able to apply the law in a way that will earn you the maximum amount due to you for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other related compensation.

Protect Your Rights After an Auto Accident

If you are the victim of an auto accident, you need to protect your legal rights immediately by contacting Master Weinstein and Moyer. We serve clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York communities.