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Recovery - $1,400,000Case Description - MVA-front seat passenger; tractor trailer made turn directly into passenger door Description Injuries - Closed head injuries including multiple facial fractures requiring surgery, cervical and lumbar surgeries, with shoulder and leg injuries.
Recovery - $995,285Case Description - Rear-end MVA-Driver of pickup truck towing bobcat, rear-ended by dumptruck Description Injuries - Neck shoulder and hand; Servical Spine surgery required
Recovery - $750,000Case Description - NJ MVA-Rear ended by driver of commercial vehicle who fell asleep at the wheel Description Injuries - Lumbar herniation requiring injections, left knee injury requiring surgery
Recovery - $750,000Case Description - MVA-travelling 45mph hit head-on and then rear-ended by another vehicle Description Injuries - Leg, knee, forearm, finger rib and ankle fracture – surgery required for all but ribs

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  • 83%

    If you’re involved in a motorcycle crash in New Jersey, statistics show that you have an 83% chance of being injured.

  • 5x

    Motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured than passenger car occupants in a motor vehicle crash.

  • 75%

    75% of accidents were found to involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, while the remaining 25% of accidents were single motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Philadelphia, PA

Motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone. You bear additional risks when you’re a motorcyclist simply because of the nature of the vehicle. You are not protected by the walls of a traditional vehicle when you’re riding a motorcycle, and you are not nearly as visible on a motorcycle as you are when you are driving a traditional vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s also likely when you’re involved in a motorcycle accident that you’re also going to become injured because more of your body is exposed to the open road as opposed to when you are driving a car or a truck. When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, it is vitally important that you work with a motorcycle accident lawyer to make sure that you can recoup any damages that you incur in the process.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, statistics have shown that 83% of individuals involved in motorcycle accidents sustain injuries. Motorcyclists who are involved in collisions are five times more likely to be injured as opposed to passenger car occupants. Of all accidents involving motorcycles, according to surveys, 75% of all accidents involved a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, and the remaining 25% of accidents involved a single motorcycle. Considering these statistics, it should be pretty clear why it is important to keep a motorcycle accident attorney on speed dial. If you are involved in an accident with a motorcycle, either just a motorcycle crash, or a crash involving another vehicle, it is quite possible you will become injured, and if you become injured, or if your motorcycle becomes damaged, you are going to want to have someone advocating for you through the legal process.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

Motorcycle accidents tend to be resolved more slowly and with greater complication than traditional auto accidents. This is because the law tends to perceive motorcyclists to be reckless and irresponsible by nature, and so the defense will try to utilize this negative perception against you. A quality motorcycle accident attorney will be someone who is a motorcyclist as well as an advocate for motorcycle law, someone who has experience in motorcycle accident cases. You need a motorcycle accident attorney who will be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve, regardless of whether you were partially at fault or not even a little at fault. If you are entitled to damages for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, or any other reparations, let us help you recoup some of those damages.

Finding the Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia 

Are you looking for the right motorcycle accident lawyer in the Philadelphia area? We are the highly recommended motorcycle accident attorneys that you are looking for. We know how difficult it can be to find a lawyer that you can trust to deliver results, competence, and high-quality service. Give Master Weinstein Moyer, P.C. a call today at (215) 561-2800 to find out what a Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer can do for you.

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